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  • Feature Solving the Puzzle of Death Squared on Nintendo Switch

    "It's the perfect gateway game to play in co-op"

    The Nintendo Switch eShop has had a couple of busy weeks, with a pleasing range of quality titles arriving on the hardware. One to land in North America and Europe on 13th July is Death Squared by SMG Studio. A puzzle game previously well received on PC, it works nicely as either a co-op...

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    Fun Cubed

    As many already know, a big selling point of the Nintendo Switch - and its detachable Joy-Cons - is that multiplayer can and should happen anywhere at a moment’s notice. At times it might sound like hyperbolic grandstanding but there’s a point to it all – this isn’t just a novelty, it’s a new way of playing games and it is here...

  • News Death Squared is Confirmed for a 13th July Release on Nintendo Switch

    Be there or die square

    Death Squared is another interesting title heading to the Switch eShop, having previously landed on other current-gen systems and PC. It's a co-op puzzle game that allows up to four players, which will work nicely with the local multiplayer focus of the Switch. Developer SMG Studio has now confirmed a 13th July release date...