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"In the 3D age, this took Tetris to the next logical stage. By matching shapes, you break into a sphere to (e.g.) rescue that which is trapped inside. Graphically, it sensibly wasn?t overcomplicated, further accompanied by superb music score. Highly addictive in single and multiplayer modes, as all puzzle games should be. Despite this, still parts of me feel that ?if it ain?t broke?"

6/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"+rather than rehash the same Tetris, Tetrisphere tried out an interesting 3D puzzle idea +2-player mode +music and visuals can put you into a dream-like trance +the origial Tetris creator contributed to the project +sphere moving closer to the screen on the Z-axis is more intense sensation than original -convoluted and lacks simple addictiveness of original -difficult to intuitively understand what's going on visually"

6/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"Originally bought as a game I could enjoy with my then-girlfriend, TETRISPHERE quickly became one of my favorite puzzlers of all time. At first, being a Tetris purist, I scoffed at the tie-in title. But after peeling back each layer I discovered a rich, fevered puzzle game with then-unmatched multiplayer options for a puzzler. I have been counting the days for a VC release."

8/10 - WhiteTrashGuy 64

"The most unique Tetris game I've played over the years - and believe me I've played a lot. It took a little getting used to, going around a sphere, but so many cool modes became of this. Computer AI was creepy good in some modes. Tetrisphere should be on the WiiU VC! Highly recommend it, and bots w/abilities was a nice touch to the game."

8/10 - XCWarrior 64

"Match up the tetronimos on a rotating sphere and blast it to pieces to free a little robot trapped inside. This is an odd re-conceptualization of a classic and it almost works - at times drawing in and compelling the player to have one more go. However, dullness can set in eventually with repetitive level styles and techniques. Not as addictive as the soviet original."

6/10 - YoshiTails 64

"Simply one of the best puzzle games ever. The gameplay and effects were absolutely mesmerizing. Even with all the fireworks going on, there was a relaxing zen to playing this game. The controls were simple, but the game was much deeper than you would guess from the initial levels. It had that "one more level" addicting quality, and I found myself playing this often."

10/10 - TRON 64

"Easily one of the best puzzle games ever made, but you have to be willing to learn its completely unique rules. This is a game that quite literally requires "layers" of strategy. With multiple modes that work in radically different ways, it is really like several games in one. If you stick with this game long enough to "get it" you will be hooked!"

9/10 - sketchturner 64

"Tetrisphere is a different take on Tetris, utilizing a spherical puzzle on which you match shapes in order to break into each sphere's core to rescue a robot. There is some story behind this, but Tetrisphere never really bothers to explain it. Sporting dull gameplay, poor graphics and the worst version of Tetris available to man, you'd be forgiven for skipping out on it."

5/10 - bizcuthammer 64

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Best original tetris game made. Best Nintendo 64 puzzle game. Great creativity and modes for its time. 9/10


"highly addictive", yet a 6/10? Oo
Seems pretty random.

I agree with the notion of it being addictive, so I'd easily give it an 8, if not more.


One of the first games I got for N64 - enjoyed the robot characters and it was quite compelling at times but it also had something lackluster about it that's hard to put your finger on.


Sad to see such negativity toward this one. I think it's pretty brilliant and have played it off and on for 14 years (nearly half my life!). The only other puzzle games to hold my attention like that are Chu Chu Rocket and Chip's Challenge.


Too much good things to say about this puzzler. Especially the music and atmosphere, one of my all time favourites. This needs a HD remaster.


"dull gameplay"? "Poor graphics"? "the worst version of Tetris"?
What is bizcuthammer on?

This is the best Tetris alongside Tetris Plus.


It's the mid-90s! Everything must be given a 3D Makeover! Even when it doesn't work and the game is better in 2D!


I've always been surprised they haven't revisited this concept. It would work well on 3DS.


so many people disliked this game but this was actually one of my favorite games on the n64. It had some of the best video game music at the time. I keep hoping it comes to virtual console but I doubt it.


I want a 3DS or WiiU port of this game. I miss it so much... yeah I know I could just go to the basement and play it on my N64.

...hmm, maybe I should tonight. Fun game!


I remember when this was a Jaguar exclusive and was gutted when it was (sensibly) switched to Nintendo's platform. You ain't never known gaming frustration like being a Jaguar supporter that generation...


I have been waiting 8 years for a VC release. There are so many people I've talked this game up to, but I'm afraid to hook my N64 up to the 50 inch HDTV.... First impressions and all.


This is tied with Tetris Attack as my favorite puzzle game of all time. Really unique and highly addictive. I'm not even a huge fan of puzzle games in general but this one really sucked me in. 9/10

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