Billy Hatcher
Image: SEGA

Sega has had its high and low points over the years, but perhaps the most challenging moment in its history was the company's exit from the console market in 2001. Despite this uphill battle at the time, it still managed to pump out several amazing games, and even some new franchises that captured the hearts of Sega fans around the world.

One new IP, in particular, around the early 2000s was Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg - starting out life in 2003 as a GameCube exclusive. The 3D platformer was led by director Shun Nakamura (Sonic Frontiers, Sonic Adventure and Samba De Amigo) and was received somewhat positively by gamers and fans alike. Unfortunately, the title ended up being a commercial failure and there was never any sort of follow-up.

If you've ever wanted a new entry or sequel of sorts, you're not alone. the Sega producer and Sonic Team game designer has recently highlighted an official post on Sega's official retro social media Twitter page 'Sega Forever' - noting how he would absolutely be up for a "new adventure" starring Billy Hatcher:

Shun Nakamura: "Someday I would like to make his new adventure, if possible."

The fan response on social media to a possible Billy Hatcher revival has been so positive Nakamura decided to share a follow-up tweet, showing off a map design from the game:

Apart from helping out on Sonic Frontiers most recently as an assistant producer, Nakamura is also known for his involvement with a handful of other unique releases such as the 1999 rhythm game Samba De Amigo and the 2012 3DS title Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure. Back in 2017, he even touched on the idea of making Samba De Amigo for Nintendo Switch:

Would you like to see Billy Hatcher one day make a return in a new adventure or a revival? Would you like to see any other classic Sega franchises one day resurrected? Tell us below.