Mario Movie
Image: Nintendo / Illumination

At last week's The Game Awards show, Nintendo and Illumination unveiled a new clip from the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, showcasing the main guy himself exploring Mushroom Kingdom alongside Keegan-Michael Key's character, Toad.

Something that long-time fans of Mario will have immediately noticed was the lovely background music, which was almost entirely comprised of tunes inspired by the video game series. While it probably isn't necessary to point out which game each and every tune comes from (we know you're a clever bunch, after all), it's nevertheless fun to see it in practice. Which is why YouTuber SuperWiiBros08 has uploaded a new video highlighting which Mario game each tune was inspired by.

Before watching the video below, we'd highly recommend checking out the original clip yourself and see if you can pinpoint which games inspired the music within (hint: it'll be one of the four games shown in the thumbnail below). When you're done, pop back and see if you're correct!

Did you correctly guess all the musical cues here? Are you looking forward to watching the Super Mario Bros. Movie? Hop on down to the comments and let us know!