Image: Nintendo

As part of its latest financial report, Nintendo has announced that it will be merging its European subsidiary companies, including Nintendo France S.A.R.L, Nintendo Benelux B.V, and Nintendo Ibérica, S.A, into one organisation under the title Nintendo of Europe SE.

Currently, these subsidiaries, in addition to the existing Nintendo of Europe located in Frankfurt, Germany, operate their business tailored to each country. Nintendo states that the merger will allow for an improvement in business efficiency and acceleration in decision making.

NOE will remain the existing company, while the subsidiaries in France, Benelux, and Ibérica will effectively cease to exist as singular entities. The company also states that the business of the three merged companies will continue at each of the newly established branches.

To help make things super-duper clear, Nintendo has provided a handy chart that demonstrates a before and after look at Europe's organisation:

Image: Nintendo

Here's a look at the timeline for the merger over the coming months:

July 2023 - Merger of Nintendo France and Nintendo Benelux into Nintendo of Europe
January 2024 - NOE's trade name to be changed to Nintendo of Europe AG
August 2024
- Merger of Nintendo Ibérica into Nintendo of Europe AG
August 2024 - Nintendo of Europe AG’s trade name to be changed to Nintendo of Europe SE

It's unlikely this move will result in much of a material impact to customers, at least not immediately, but it certainly makes sense from a business perspective. Still, it's all a bit of a way off and, according to the timeline above, won't completely finalise until August 2024.

What do you make of this move from Nintendo? Do you think the merger will improve business practices come August 2024? Let us know your thoughts on the matter!