Splatoon 3 Manga
Image: via CoroCoro

As part of the Splatoon 3 rollout, the manga series has returned to cover the third game, out now on Nintendo Switch.

The first chapter was featured in the September 15 issue of Coro Coro Comics magazine. Manga artist Sankichi Hidenoya is once again doing the art, but story details haven't been revealed just yet.

The Splatoon manga started out life in 2015/16 and has previously been localised by VIZ Media. You can check out the entire range on the company's official website. The most recent localised volume can also be purchased from the same site. It's released other Splatoon Manga like Squid Kids, too.

As for Splatoon 3, it's already enjoyed a lot of success on the Switch in a short amount of time - becoming the fastest-selling Switch title in Japan. There's also a Splatfest taking place later this week. So Inkling and Octoling can look forward to that!

When we hear more details about the latest series, we'll let you know.

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