Sonic Frontiers
Image: SEGA

Sonic Frontiers will take the Sonic the Hedgehog series to new heights with its new "open-zone" design. It's also meant to pave the way for blue blur over the next decade. With this in mind, Game Informer recently sat down with head of Sonic team, Takashi Iizuka - asking him a bunch of rapid-fire questions.

One, in particular, of interest was if Iizuka already knew what the next Sonic the Hedgehog game was going to be. The short answer is "yes" he does. He was also asked if he could mention how many Sonic games were already planned for the future, but at this stage, he can't really say anything about it.

Of course, this "next" game could be anything from a 2D to a 3D entry. Iizuka may not necessarily be referring to a direct continuation of Sonic Frontiers, either. It could simply be a standalone Sonic game, and perhaps even something like a spin-off.

Here's what Iizuka previously had to say about the 10-year plan for Sonic, during an interview with Venture Beat:

What we’re doing now is taking the next step. This is the third generation, almost. We know we’re showing fans something new that maybe doesn’t make sense to them yet.

"But we really wanted to think about where we need to take Sonic for the next 10 years. What kind of gameplay do we need to start building out to keep people excited for the future? Sonic Frontiers is that next step for the next 10 years. We hope that fans believe in us and that they enjoy what we’re showing them. We’re looking forward to when they get to play it and really understand what it’s about."

Another interesting question was about the possible return of the Sonic Adventure series in some way. For this question, Iizuka said it could possibly return "someday". Iizuka has also previously expressed interest in reviving these now-classic games.

What would you like to see from Sonic beyond Frontiers? How would you like to see the series evolve? Tell us below.

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