Formula Retro Racing
Image: Repixel8

Repixel8's Formula Retro Racing was created as a homage to classic '90s 3D racers such as Virtua Racing and Ridge Racer 64. Released back on Xbox One in 2020 and Sony consoles just last year, the game is finally making its way to the Switch on 15th April.

Joining the likes of Horizon Chase Turbo and Hotshot Racing, Formula Retro Racing is a low-poly racing game complete with a catchy synth soundtrack and beautiful block-colour visuals, right down to the square bystanders. Ohhh those were the days.

Here's a summary of what to expect from the game, straight from the Nintendo store page:

Featuring the fast and exciting gameplay that the genre is known for, Formula Retro Racing captures the essence of old school racing games with low poly graphics, a retro soundtrack and high speed action. This revival of the classic-arcade racer takes advantage of modern hardware with smooth high-frame rate visuals as well as improved car handling and physics.

Race through a diverse range of tracks across multiple game modes and car classes to beat your personal best times and compete in the global online leaderboards!


- Retro arcade-racing action
- 8 unique tracks each with varying difficulty
- Classic arcade checkpoint racing game mode
- New ‘Eliminator’ game mode
- High frame rate and retro visuals
- Destructible cars with crazy crash physics
- Best Lap and Race Time online leaderboards for each track
- Up to 4 player split screen local multiplayer

Our sister site Pure Xbox reviewed the game when it hit Xbox One and gave it a 7 out of 10. That's pretty darn good, especially when you consider that many of the issues were relating to bugs, so hopefully, those have been ironed out, and this Switch release will be the definitive release! Even the trailers back in 2020 made this game look silky smooth, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Formula Retro Racing will reach the Switch's checkered flag on 15th April, costing £11.99 on the UK eShop, and $14.99 on the US store.

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