Winteryear Studios is bringing its physics-based space shooter NEW TERRA to Switch on April 28th, with the game giving off some heavy Affordable Space Adventures vibes.

With a focus on rescue missions and fuel-conservation, the game will feature an assortment of deadly obstacles including volcanos, giant sandworms, deep-sea creatures, and more.

Here's a list of features from Winteryear:

- Multi-directional gravity/physics based space shooter with 18 unique and very challenging missions
- Pitch-black mode (replay the game in absolute darkness with only your headlights, creating a total of 36 unique levels!)
- An impressive and original game soundtrack by Ron Wasserman (Power Rangers, Dragonball Z, X-Men, etc.) listen here at:
- Integrated stand alone music player with visuals
- In depth training mission
- Variable difficulty settings
- Multi-Language support (localized in about 20 languages, choosable from the options menu)
(see more in the press kit)

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