Action-packed, roguelike-inspired shooter Groundskeeper2 has blasted its way onto Switch. And, better still, it won't even cost you a £5 note!

This hectic survival game sees you get dropped into the middle of a war between robots. Each level is randomised, so every time you go back to the game, you'll experience something different. For a note, this is something you could easily spend hours and hours on, and the retro-style pixel visuals are pretty cute to boot!

Groundskeeper2 was originally a game-jam game, and you can already get the game on iOS, Android, and But this full Switch release is a lovely little surprise and a real success story.

Here are some details about the game from the eShop and the game's Google Play page:

Shoot at aliens coming from both sides of the screen, grab the little bits and bobs that they drop, and use them to activate the portal to teleport to the next area (and restore your energy in the process!)

Survive the invasion of the supernatural, the robots, the monsters.. the world needs you! Groundskeeper2 throws you in the middle of a war, the war with supernatural robots from outer space.. yeah.. we went there!

Every time you play this game you will get further and have a better chance at surviving. You’ll unlock new weapons like the machine-gun, laser-gun, rocket-launcher, and tools like all-destroying light-beams, shields, time-slowdowns, and more!

What’s more important, you’ll unlock new worlds and hopefully become a true hero for the resistance… or you die a quick death and try again!


- Fast-paced arcade action
- Unlockable weapons
- Always changing gameplay (levels are randomized)
- Unlockable worlds
- Big bad robots
- Achievements, leaderboards

Groundskeeper2 is available on the eShop and will set you back a mere £4.49, or $4.99, so what are you waiting for! Let us know if you've tried out the game before or if you will be picking it up on Switch.