Zelda Oot
Image: Nintendo

We've been covering the unofficial Ocarina of Time PC port for a little while now, and it's close to finished. So as we approach that time, naturally, leave it to people to come up with a whole bunch of mods.

This project was only possible because the Zelda Reverse Engineering team decompiled the N64 classic last year. Harbour Masters - which is behind the port - have been testing a number of different mods and sharing the results among the group. These include simple things such as replacing the game's textures with 4K ones, and widescreen support in the main game and menus - which the below video from VGC highlights.

There are also some more fun updates to this port, as Harbour Masters has added gyro controls to the Hyrule Castle Shooting Gallery (which is also a benefit of the 3DS version of the game, of course):

Then there's the downright silly - or brilliant, depending on who you are. You can see what it looks like when Star Fox's Arwings invade Kakariko Village, or just delight in the much smoother textures and visuals of what many believe to be the best Zelda game ever.

Actually, who wants 4K textures when you can paste Toad's face all over the game? This might make those ReDeads and Like Likes more tolerable.

Toad Ocarina Of Time
Image: Harbour Masters / VGC

Because of the way this PC port has come about, through the reverse engineering approach, it's technically legal. This is because the team didn't use any leaked content, and nothing in the mod is a Nintendo-copyrighted asset. If you want to play this, you'll need your own ROM of Ocarina of Time to experience the first N64 Zelda game in an all-new way.

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