What if Gone Home was about a murder? And what if you, a sort of sci-fi Sherlock Holmes, able to investigate a crime scene using revolutionary nano-tech, were able to figure out what happened? That's the idea behind Forest Grove, an upcoming narrative puzzle-thriller that's all about reconstructing the truth.

An heiress goes missing, and foul play is suspected. The Remote Forensics Bureau is called in, and they recreate the lavish estate of the Kunstimatigaard family using their new Nanodeck technology to clone the whole thing, allowing investigators to explore the house, collect evidence, and watch reconstructions of the various scenes that led up to the disappearance of Zooey Kunstimatigaard, the teen heiress to her dead parents' fortune.

Forest Grove is heading for the Nintendo Switch eShop in Q3 2022 — expect to hear more about it some time this Autumn.