Sonic The Hedgehog UP

The UK developer Nitrome - the team behind Bomb Chicken and also the upcoming release Shovel Knight Dig - has revealed it once pitched a Sonic the Hedgehog game to Sega and was knocked back.

According to Nitrome, the engine the game was running on was "pretty authentic" and was "very close to the Sonic engine logic". The game itself was a vertical jumping platform-take on the blue blur. There's no proper name attached to this demo, but apparently, Nitrome's latest release Super Leap Day for Apple Arcade borrowed the demo's wall-running mechanic.

Unfortunately for Nitrome the pitch didn't appeal to the "Sega Gods" and so this Sonic mobile game never saw the light of day. The developer is still keen to explore this idea of a "one button" Sonic game, so if you would also like to see it happen. Show your support in the comments and perhaps Sega will reconsider.

On a different but somewhat related note, yesterday a never-before-seen Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood 2D intro cinematic was released publically.

What do you think of Nitrome's Sonic pitch? Think it deserves another shot? Leave a comment down below.