The latest Monopoly video game has arrived on Nintendo Switch – and this one's a bit different.

In Monopoly Madness, you'll be playing the game "in a way you’ve never seen before," as the iconic Monopoly board is scrapped in favour of a real-time competitive race around a 3D world. You'll need to roam the streets of Monopoly City to collect money, water and electricity, grabbing power-ups from the Community Chests along the way to mess with your opponents and gain the upper hand.

You can see it in action in the trailer above, and we also have an official description for you:

As in classic Monopoly, in Monopoly Madness, players will compete to buy and upgrade properties in Monopoly City. But Mr. Monopoly is away on his well-earned vacation and as a result, chaos reigns.

Players face up to 5 competitors in a short and frantic, real-time race on the chaotic streets of Monopoly City without the boundaries of the board. Players race to collect money and other resources around the map to buy and upgrade their properties. The more properties players own, the more points they’ll earn, bringing them closer to the finish line in the race to riches! Along the way, players grab powers ups from Community Chests including bulldozers, jackhammers and more to use against opponents to gain an advantage to win. However, players will need to watch out for random events that can happen at any time, making the journey to become the wealthiest of them all even more chaotic.

If Monopoly plus chaos sounds like your jam, you'll be pleased to know you can go ahead and download the game right now from the Switch eShop for £24.99. A physical box with a download code inside can also be found at select retailers.