Team G
Image: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is finally here, and generally, people seem to be enjoying it... but there are some interesting bugs in the game that have been amusing players since its release last week — and one of them features Team Galactic finally doing what Team Rocket never could.

In a clip from Reddit user u/mikeloud, a Team Galactic Grunt can be seen "accidentally" stealing the player's Ponyta, just by simply... scooting it off the screen. The Ponyta is, of course, outside of its Pokéball, using the Amity Square feature that lets you have your Pokémon follow you around.

Luckily, the Ponyta theft isn't permanent. If your Pokémon get stuck somewhere far away, they'll teleport back to you. Fooled again, bad guys!

Have you experienced this bug in the new Pokémon remakes? Or any other interesting bugs that made you chuckle? Let us know in the comments.