Image: The Pokemon Company

If you watched the Pokémon anime back in the late '90s, you'll no doubt remember the tremendous PokéRap. You know the one – "I want to be the best, there ever was, to beat all the rest, yeah that's my cause... Electrode! Diglett! Nidoran! Mankey!"


Anyway, to recreate the PokéRap for the modern day, complete with every single Pokémon in existence as of November 2021, 927 different artists have been hard at work drawing each and every 'mon. The result is a 15-minute showcase featuring each artist's work, a custom vocal track, and a sprinkling of good old nostalgia. Take a look:

A complete list of artists (alongside the Pokémon they drew) can be found here.

It's a tremendous effort all around and certainly a positive moment for the Pokémon fan community. From us here at Nintendo Life, congratulations and well done to all those involved!

Thanks to Mairead for the tip!