Image: Warner Bros. Pictures / Nintendo

Denis Villeneuve's Dune movie might not be the first attempt to adapt Frank Herbert's epic sci-fi novel, but it's certainly turned out to be one of the most successful, having earned $223.2 million in takings (at the time of writing) and garnering positive reviews – more than can be said for David Lynch's much-maligned 1984 version, which is a cult classic (well, we like it, anyway) but ultimately flopped hard at the box office.

The pivotal character of Paul Atreides is played by none other than Timothée Chalamet, who is currently one of the hottest young talents in Hollywood. He's also something of a gaming nut – or at least he was during his formative years. If you haven't already read about the amazing detective work which resulted in him being connected to an Xbox 360 controller modding YouTube account then you should head over to our sister site Pure Xbox for the full story, but it's worth noting that prior to the arrival of the Xbox 360, Chalamet was a big Nintendo fan.

Speaking to Nate Hill during the press run for Dune, Chalamet discussed the video games he grew up with, explaining that he "got hooked" on titles like Luigi's Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Sadly, it seems that he wasn't allowed to own an N64 (in the interview, he seems to suggest that his parents wouldn't allow him to have one at such a young age, so he had to start a little later with the GameCube instead).

So you see, while Chalamet might be one of the movie industry's rising stars with roles in Dune, The King, Interstellar, Little Women and The French Dispatch to his name, he's also someone with a deep love of Nintendo. One of us, if you will.