This writer didn't know that smartphone rings are a thing, but apparently they exist to help you "hold your phone, or rotate the ring so you can use it as a kickstand". A kickstand we can definitely get behind, especially if it's more sturdy than the original Switch model's little strip of plastic.

And so we have The Legend of Zelda Smartphone Ring (add a colon, the grammatical kind not the organ, and you have the weirdest game spin-off of all time), which is now available on My Nintendo in Europe. It's one of those products that you can claim with Platinum Points, in this case 500 of them.

In the UK redeeming it then links you to the official store, where you can pay £1.99 for shipping unless you do a bit of shopping and spend over £20 to get free delivery; it'll work a bit differently in mainland Europe. It's one per customer too, so hopefully anyone interested will be able to nab one.

Are you planning to give your phone a bit of Hylian style?