The last few years have been rather kind to fans of retro-styled action platformers, and another will make a bid for our affections soon. Within the Blade, developed by Ametist Studio and published by Ratalaika Games, arrives on the eShop on 16th July.

This is a title that promises a mix of stealth and platforming, along with some suitable pixel-gory kills; there'll be RPG elements too, as kills will allow you to level up and learn new skills.

Going through the levels the player will collect the various ingredients in which he can craft weapons: shurikens, poisons, elixirs, grenades, mines, as well as the main weapon the Ninjato and Kusarigama. At the end of each level the player gains experience for the past level completed, the game utilizes a stealth mechanic in which hide and seek can be your best weapon of defense and offense. Being able to hide in the shadows and deliver crucial and critical blows to an enemy can also give you experience in the end.

After each level the player will be returned back to their home village in which they are able to purchase weapons, items and more advanced ninjutsu in the game.

It's a title that's been well received on Steam and should certainly suit the Switch well. Let us know if you're tempted to pick it up!