DOOM Eternal

After a delay, DOOM Eternal finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch at the end of last year as a digital-only release.

Since then, Switch fans have been waiting for the first part of the DLC "The Ancient Gods" to arrive. While an official FAQ previously revealed it would be coming to the Nintendo version at a "later date" since then, there's been no additional information.

In related news, a rating for The Ancient Gods, Part Two was last week rated by the Australian Classification Board. While it might not seem like much considering the first part hasn't even shown up on the Switch, fingers crossed it's a sign that Part One will be arriving on the Switch sooner rather than later.

There's also that 50-minute Nintendo Direct taking place (later today, UK time), so that would be the perfect time to unleash a hellish announcement like a release date for part one on Switch.

Are you eager to jump into The Ancient Gods, Part One on the Switch? Think we'll hear anything in Nintendo's upcoming broadcast? Leave a comment down below.

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