Switch Rails

Although the Switch is a hybrid wonder, the system can get quite hot when you're playing more demanding titles or happen to be enjoying a prolonged play session. And as with any device, there's an increased chance of it overheating as it ages.

If you've ever noticed your own system was too hot to handle, you might want to keep reading. YouTube channel and repair store - Asuka Repair Hall Co., Ltd - has seen an increase in overheating Switch in recent times and claims it's not caused by the usual hardware problems - such as fan or CPU issues.

In a video upload on YouTube, Asuku Repair uses a thermal monitor on a Nintendo Switch to reveal the bottom right-hand side of the console is above 70 degrees Celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit) and goes all the way up up to 79.8 degrees Celsius.

The problem is supposedly tied to the metal Joy-Con rail on the right side of the system - which has collected a lot of dust and debris over time. In order to prevent this same thing from happening to your own system, the video advises Switch owners to regularly clean the system's slider rails by blowing air into the hot area near the rail and then brushing it with a dry toothbrush.

In this particular video, the rail is simply replaced and the temperature drops by almost half, down to around 41 degrees Celsius (about 105 degrees Fahrenheit). If this doesn't resolve the problem though, Asuka Repair advises Switch owners to get their system looked at right away.

Have you had any heating problems with your Switch? Could this be the problem? Tell us down below.

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