Pokemon Lego
Image: Dave Holder

We don't know about you, but whenever we sit down and try to build something with LEGO, we find ourselves hopelessly picking up different bricks, staring at them in hopes that they might magically hop across the table and create something that our minds simply can't imagine.

Thankfully, there are plenty of people out there far more creative than us, and Dave Holder is no exception. Dave got in touch with us here at Nintendo Life to share this wonderful set of Pokémon LEGO models, simultaneously filling us with wonder, awe, and immense jealousy.

The models have been gaining an awful lot of attention on Reddit over the past few days, but plenty more designs can be found on Dave's Instagram (see below). The top Reddit reply has asked for a full-size Wailord model next, which would need to be a whopping 47-feet long. Yeah, good luck with that.

There's even a Mario one!

If the new official Mario LEGO sets aren't quite your thing, perhaps you should have a go at building your own giant models at home?

Nice work, Dave, these are great!