Streamline Games has unveiled a tasty-looking dollop of fresh content for its upcoming party brawler Bake 'N Switch, a game which first appeared in December's Nintendo Indie World Showcase.

Today, we learn that the game will include a second world, complete with new characters and plenty more levels. It's all shown off in the new trailer above, where you'll see the new Serradurra desert world - adding another 50 levels and bringing the game's total to 100 - as well as three new Bun creatures, each with unique behaviours.

Join Ginger, Rosemary, Thyme, and Parsley, along with newcomers Sage and Salt, to show these Buns who’s boss! And Baker abilities throw a little more spice into the mix! Harness Thyme’s fiery punches that bake on the spot, Ginger’s nifty dough-rising serums which double your Buns, Rosemary’s fast swinging rolling pin to whack-a-Dough, and Parsley’s distractive qualities when he unleashes a herd of kitties!

Adding additional seasoning to the battle, Sage whips up a witchy brew that sucks in Mouldies and immediately bakes nearby Buns adding to your rising score, while Salt wields his crusty, grappling-hook to wrangle in runaway Doughs.

The new Buns are called Armadough, Fluff Fox, and Bunboa. And they're adorable.

If you like the sound of Overcooked mashed together with Super Smash Bros., make sure to watch out for Bake 'N Switch when it launches this summer.