Here's Sonic having a more successful time in the 2012 parade.
Image: via Fandom

Back in 1993, during that year's annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a Sonic the Hedgehog float was damaged thanks to high winds and ended up injuring two people as a result. Strangely, footage of the incident has been practically impossible to come by - until now.

As reported by Kotaku, reports of the crash up until this point have used still photographs of the float or videos of it lying on the ground after the incident. You'd think someone would have captured the event on film though, right?

Well, ABC7NY has now shared archive footage of the 1997 Macy’s Parade, where a Cat in the Hat float also injured four people. It's only shown for the briefest of moments, but tucked away inside the video is a short clip of Sonic's face bursting on a lamppost before falling to the floor in the 1993 parade. Thankfully, the child and police officer who suffered injuries as a result were OK.

You can see it all take place from around the 1:37 mark:

Floats at this year's Macy's Parade survived without too many hiccups, apart from a Ronald McDonald balloon which was blown into a tree before slowly deflating more and more as it was dragged around the streets.