Pokemon Rumble Rush

After its May launch on Google Play and Android devices in May, the free-to-play title Pokémon Rumble Rush is now available to download from the Apple Store.

If you haven't paid any attention to this game, now might be the time. It's the fifth entry in the Rumble series and the first to enter the mobile fray. This particular title takes the mechanics of the series to new levels by providing another Pokémon “Game as a Service” experience. You'll be sent out to various islands, where you must defeat bosses. Here's a bit more about it, directly from our review:

Pokémon Rumble Rush is a charming game, and fun for those who like collecting things. However, the awkward map feature and the requirement of refining ore to get gears to boost the Pokémon mean it can be a needlessly frustrating grind, and the inclusion of a two-week deadline between area swaps, there's the perhaps some unwelcome added pressure thrown into the mix as well. As we all perhaps expected, this free-to-play Pokémon outing doesn't set the world on fire, but the truly dedicated fans who have followed the Rumble series this far will enjoy it all the same.

As the game has taken two months to make its way across to iOS devices, since then, there's been additional in-game events rolled out, in the form of new islands.

Have you tried out this game yet? Are you a fan of the Pokémon Rumble series? Leave a comment below.

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