Launching next week on Nintendo Switch is Lines X, a relaxing puzzler that could be a great little choice to pass the time.

The game features a series of Numberlink puzzles which have players finding paths to connect coloured tiles in a grid. There are 100 puzzles for you to explore in total, wrapped up in a game which plays host to eight ambient music tracks and multiple colour schemes designed to keep you relaxed as you play.

It'll be launching on Switch for just $0.99, which effectively means that each in-game puzzle is only costing you just under 1¢. Not bad, huh? We've got some screenshots for you to check out below.

The game is expected to release on 27th June according to the Switch eShop and the game's press release, although this official page on Nintendo's site says that it's launching today at the time of writing. We'd trust the former ourselves, so expect to find this one available from this time next week.

Worth a go considering the price point? Let us know if you'll be trying this one out next week with a comment below.