N64 End Labels
Image: SzabosArcades

The Nintendo 64's wonderful library of games is pleasingly easy to store at home, with each cartridge fitting snuggly alongside one another and comfortably lining whatever box or shelf you decide to place them on. Of course, thanks to the fact that only their fronts have any artwork, it's frustratingly impossible to know which game is which without pulling them all out individually.

Those troublesome days can now be over, however, thanks to these glorious N64 game spine labels. No doubt feeling your pain, various Etsy sellers are producing and selling their very own sticker designs which can be used to catalogue your complete collection. The set featured in the images below comes from SzabosArcades, with stickers available in white, red, black, or grey which span the entire 296-game N64 library.

Image: SzabosArcades

Another seller, going by the name of AfterMidnightps, has actually provided two separate listings which cater for both PAL and NTSC audiences specifically. The PAL collection contains fewer stickers, only accounting for the 243 available games, whereas the US version with NTSC stickers features the full 296.

The first set we mentioned (shown in the images above) is available for £22.85 (or your local currency's equivalent); the PAL and NTSC variants are available for £16.03 and £15.23 respectively. All listings are shipping from the US.

Do you have an N64 collection in desperate need of these spine end stickers? Let us know if you'll be snapping these up in the comments below.

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