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A famous melody which has appeared in multiple Nintendo games over the years is Totaka's Song. It was originally created by Nintendo composer and sound director Kazumi Totaka and first appeared in X - a 1992 shooter on the original Game Boy - as a secret. Since then, it's become somewhat of an iconic track added into nearly every game Totaka has worked on.

While it's already common knowledge this song is in Pikmin 2, nearly 15 years after the original GameCube title was released, a second version of the Totaka's famous song has now been discovered by a YouTuber known as Quote Balrog. It can now not only be heard on the treasure salvage screen if you wait for a number of minutes, but can also be listened to if you enter any cave in Pikmin 2 and unplug the memory card at the same time. Doing this will bring up the memory card warning screen and if you wait for around four minutes, you'll eventually hear the song play. Have a listen below:

Are you surprised it took this long to locate this song (again) in Pikmin 2? What other games do you remember this classic tune from? Tell us below.

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