Horizon Chase Turbo Img

It's not every day you happen to see a video game company promoting what is seemingly the competition, but today is one of those rare occasions. In celebration of Sega releasing Out Run on the Switch eShop outside of Japan, Aquiris - the team behind Horizon Chase Turbo - posted a tweet, welcoming the game and encouraging its followers to purchase the all-time classic:

It's no surprise the studio behind this game are big fans of the latest Sega AGES release. As noted in the tweet itself, the Out Run series was a big point of reference when creating Horizon Chase Turbo. Although you could argue it's more heavily inspired by other classics such as the Top Gear series, its bright and colourful palette definitely seems to have been sourced from Sega's lively arcade hit. We would even go as far as saying both are essential purchases for any arcade racing fans who happen to own a Switch.

So, what are you waiting for? Get racing!

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