Out Run IMG

Out Run was confirmed as the next game in the Sega AGES line last week and already it's been revealed it will arrive on the Japanese eShop later this week. Sega announced the 29th November release date via its official Twitter account. The price of the game aligns with existing releases and will set players back 925 yen (approx. £6.30 / $8.30).

Unfortunately, nothing has changed locally - with the game still expected to be released early next year. What makes this just a tiny bit more frustrating is how we're still waiting on Phantasy Star - which suffered multiple delays - and won't even be available here until 13th December.

Of course, if you know how, you can always consider picking up Out Run when it arrives on the Japanese eShop. As it's a racing game, there aren't any serious language barriers to deal with.

Do you think you can hold out until next year, or do you intend to get behind the wheel as soon as you possible? Tell us below.

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