While VR continues to bubble under elsewhere in the industry, Nintendo has remained indifferent to the technology; when your first 'Virtual' product ends up being a massive dud, we guess you become a little more cautious about asking your customers to strap lumps of plastic to their heads.

However, those of you who crave a VR experience on your Switch can rest easy (sort of), because Japanese company Thanko is releasing a headset which is compatible with the console and gives you a 'virtual' screen size of 120 inches.

Dubbed the 'Eye Theater', it's not strictly a VR headset as all it does is transfer the image from the console to the headset's display and features no motion-sensing capabilities whatsoever (which should be pretty obvious as the Switch doesn't have any VR capabilities that would allow for this).


The unit costs ¥22,780 ($206/£156) and is expected to launch in September. It comes with a HDMI conversion kit which allows it to be connected to the Switch, and will also work with other USB Type C devices, such as smartphones. It weighs 250g and boasts a display resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels.

Let us know if you're crazy enough to want one of these by posting a comment.

[source twitter.com, via thanko.jp]