Circle 22nd March on your calendars, NL retro enthusiast readers, because HAMSTER and Zerodiv are after your tokens. No less than three very distinct retro gaming choices await you next week (four if you have an American eShop account).


With the upcoming release of World Heroes 2 JET ADK's curious fighting series will finally be completely re-released on the Switch eShop. Sporting a new Tournament mode where the player must face groups of three fighters, it introduces a trio of new boss characters (Jack, Ryofu and Zeus) yet it still stubbornly sticks to the single button control for punches and kicks.


It is not often we get a standout piece of video gaming history among Switch retro released, but that is exactly what Irem's Moon Patrol is. The game is credited among the first use of Paralaxx scrolling, a 2D graphics technique that creates the illusion of depth by moving foregrounds and backgrounds at different speeds. This 1982 release sees you in control of a moon buggy and you must navigate the Moons irregular terrain while also shooting down UFO's. Never a dull day in the life of a Luna City police officer.

Last but not least is a rather unique entry from Psikyo. Sol Divide might look like just a regular horizontal side-scrolling shmup, but the emphasis on melee combo attacks assures that it doesn't quite play like one. It also doesn't look like any previous game re-release by Zerodiv since instead of traditional sprite art this was the first time Psikyo used pre-rendered CGI models to make the game's sprites and backgrounds. The choice of three distinct characters, a total of 11 magic spells and branching paths ensures replay value.

We are being spoiled for choices! See any title you fancy picking up next week? Tell us your retro gaming memories of these titles in the comments section below...