Ever wanted to try your hand at being a naval explorer? Sailing the uncharted seas as a trader and envoy in 15th century Europe? Well, you're in luck because Japanese studio ArtDink has confirmed it's bringing Neo Atlus 1469 to Nintendo Switch, with versions planned for both Japan and the West on 19th April.

The game is all about filling in the world map by hiring admirals to serve in your growing trade company. These individuals will report back to you with news of the wider world, but it's up to you decide which ones are true and which ones are a little too tall a tale. The choices you make will shape the world you're charting (and you might not end up with the one you know today).

The ocean-faring sim has been sailing the seas of PS Vita in Japan, as well as enjoying a localised version on Steam. That's probably why we're getting ports for the West at the same time as the one launching on the Nintendo eShop. 

There's also this brand new trailer. It's full of details and snippets of in-game footage. Unfortunately, it's in Japanese. But hey, it certainly looks nice! Let us know what you make of it below...