Data East's love affair with the Nintendo Switch is set to continue next week thanks to Hamster's Arcade Archives label. Magical Drop III drops onto the eShop giving puzzle lovers who keep wandering why Taito's Puzzle Bobble is still a no show on the system something to look forward to. This charming third entry in the popular series not only brings the addictive multiplayer versus mode, but also a great big chunk of single-player story mode if you prefer to mix and match those bubbles alone.

Another slice of retro arcade action is also seeing release next week with Irem's Heroic Episode (also know as Youjyuden in Japan) joining the rest of the ACA library. At first you may be fooled into thinking this is Irem's answer to Capcom's Commando set in a heroic fantasy world. However, once you beat the first level boss, your character stands on a cliff, spreads his wings and jumps over the edge! The game then becomes a more traditional TATE scrolling shmup, thus combining both run-n-gun and scrolling shmup genres into a single package.

Both titles will be released on 22nd February at the regular $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.29 price point. Will you be inserting coins in any of these two next week? Ponder your comments while gazing at the ridiculously awesome arcade flyer for Youjyuden.