Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes turned out to be a surprisingly good adaptation of the core Fire Emblem gameplay, and Intelligent Systems has been doing a fantastic job of keeping the game updated with regular bouts of new content and heroes in the months since launch. All of those content updates have been leading up to today’s, though, as version 2.0 makes the biggest changes yet to the game.

Here’s a summary of all that’s being added and/or changed:

  • Book II has been added to the story mode
  • Legendary Heroes and Blessings have been added
  • Elemental types—Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire—have been added
  • The Weapon Refinery has been added
  • High level skills have been added for staff users
  • Cooldowns have been lowered on some special skills
  • Barracks size has been increased by 100
  • Arena scoring has been adjusted
  • Arena assault ranking has been adjusted
  • Feathers have been added as a My Nintendo Reward
  • Various bug fixes and other tweaks

For a detailed breakdown of what’s been changed, find the patch notes here, it’s quite a long read. Suffice to say, Intelligent Systems has made a lot of changes.

What do you think? Will this coax you back in to Fire Emblem Heroes? Do you like all the changes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.