We're seeing a broad variety of games now getting confirmed for the Switch eShop, as more developers get hold of dev kits and begin to plot ports to the system. Forever Entertainment, a publisher probably unfamiliar to Nintendo gamers, has two games in the works.

The first we spotted, as always via the surprisingly random 'coming soon' section of the EU store, is Violett, currently with a 'TBD' release. Developed by the publisher in this case, it was actually released in 'remastered' form way back in December 2013 on Steam (PC); it's a point-and-click title that certainly strives the catch the eye with its visuals and art design. The trailer on the eShop is actually the same one used for that PC release.

It was in exploring the rabbit hole to learn more about that game that we came across confirmation that Forever Entertainment is also publishing Prodigy on the Switch, a game currently due soon on PC that has a demo available on Steam. The develop of this one is Hanakai Studio, which has been working on the project for a number of years. It made waves when unveiled fully back in 2014, with the original concept blending turn-based strategy with a physical NFC-powered game board, on which you place figurines and cards. The Kickstarter video from a good few years ago highlights the concept.

Forever Entertainment specifically says it's bringing the 'electronic' version to Switch, however, and that is what's currently listed on Steam. Hanakai Studio confirmed this to some degree in a May blog post, stating that the download version uses a "digital board tested through a closed Alpha", but that both the download and physical version "will be entirely compatible". A relatively recent download version trailer is below.

Prodigy is a head to head tactical role playing game with mixed turn-based and real time multiplayer action, pitting your heroes against those of your friends or online opponent. The game will feature both PvE and PvP modes, including Ranked and Unranked Multiplayer.

It's certainly intriguing, and the optimists among us will no doubt hope that the evident passion of the development team - and all the lore it's developing - will pay off in a quality game. The effort is clearly there, as the physical version is still available for pre-order in various packs, though most will naturally be cautious and wait to see how the game turns out.

So there you have it, two more interesting games on the way to the Switch eShop.