Stacking up

If you own a PS Vita or PS4 then you probably know what Limited Run Games is all about. An offshoot of developer Mighty Rabbit Studios, the company focuses on bringing digital-only games to physical retail, creating super-exclusive packaged editions that are - as the name suggests - limited to a single, small production run.

Previous releases include Runner2, Firewatch and The Swindle, and Limited Run is currently working with Lizardcube on a physical PS4 release for Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Given the large number of awesome digital-only Switch games, there's clearly a lot of scope for Limited Run to work on that console too, but sadly at the present moment in time that's not part of Nintendo's plans:

However, it's not a case of a deal never happening, as the publisher goes on to state that it expects to be working on the Switch by next year:

Given how passionate some Nintendo collectors are, it's easy to see any product Limited Run brings to he Switch selling out almost instantly - especially if the print runs are similar in size to the ones seen on the Vita and PS4. Predictable eBay scalping aside, it would be nice to have physical versions of some of these amazing digital games, and hopefully we won't have to wait too long to see that.