There was plenty of excitement going around when Splatoon 2 got a brief look at the end of the recent ARMS Nintendo Direct, where new footage and a snazzy Splatoon 2 Pro Controller were shown off. Except the latter was puzzlingly only shown off in Europe, while NoA said it had “nothing to announce” on that front. Many feared that perhaps the controller wouldn't be launching in the region, and while importing it wouldn't be much of a problem, it would be an irritating hindrance nonetheless.

Fortunately, this has turned out to just be some bizarre delay of an announcement as it was recently confirmed that the Splatoon 2 controller will indeed be coming to North America. It’ll be launching alongside the game on 21st July, so be sure to snap one of these up when you’re ready to get back into the splatting action.

What do you think? Will you be picking it up? Why do you think the announcement was delayed? Drop us a comment in the section below.