Ubisoft caused quite a stir when it announced Beyond Good & Evil 2 at the end of its E3 press conference earlier in the week. Despite the stylish cinematic trailer, however, details have been scarce.

Nevertheless, a sign-up on the official website listed PS4, Xbox One and PC as platforms, leading some to say Switch will not get the game. Michel Ancel, however, used Instagram to post a screen of in-game visuals and to clarify that no platforms have been announced, also talking down rumours of potential Switch exclusivity.

Image: Michel Ancel

Hi, that registering thing is a little buggy as we did not mention any consoles yet. The Ubisoft teams are going to fix this asap.

No Switch exclusive as far as I know.

Hope there will not be exclusive console, thank you!

Ultimately we'll have to wait a while, in all likelihood, before Ubisoft reveals more on the hugely ambitious game. Good things come to those who wait.

[source instagram.com]