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Ron Gilbert may have a list of game credits that boggles the mind, but is best known for a handful of stone cold classics. We're not referring to the recent The Cave - which was a solid game itself - but are going way back to the glory days of LucasArts and point-and-click adventure games. Gilbert was involved in a number of the top games in this genre in the late '80s and early '90s, with the Monkey Island titles being among the very best.

Gilbert was partly involved in the Telltale titles that we saw on WiiWare, but wasn't leading the project. LucasArts was part of the broader range of George Lucas' businesses bought by Disney, so as a result it's now Mickey's company that has ownership of the series. Gilbert has tweeted that he's still interested in buying the rights to the IP, something he's also said to varying degrees on multiple occasions in recent years.

The question could come down to money, Disney's own plans for the IP (Gilbert has said he fears it could gather dust) and various boring business factors. For our part it'd be wonderful to see the series revived with Gilbert at the helm - though the Telltale series is how some younger gamers know the franchise, the originals are outstanding and delightfully funny games that deserve a Gilbert sequel. Gilbert - it should be noted - is keeping himself busy, as he's currently involved in a new point-and-click adventure game called Thimbleweed Park.

We won't hold our breath for more Monkey Island, but would love to go another round of Insult Sword Fighting.