The 3DS eShop has a few options when it comes to music composition, with the latest being Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard. Abylight is keen to highlight how its creative and sharing tool can be used, and has recruited a highly-regarded composer to help with the task.

Tsukasa Tawada worked in sound design in four Dragon Quest titles in the '90s, and has composition credits in a number of Pokémon spin-offs - notable recent credits include Pokémon Shuffle and Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. The video below shows him getting to grips with the app, before sharing a short sample of a track he's composed for it - 'Tokyo Polka'.

Those with the app can get the full track using the QR code below.

Tawada QR

Are you a fan of Musicverse, or perhaps tempted by it now that you've seen Tawada-san put it to the test?