Nintendo Muppets

Some of the most memorable parts of this year’s Nintendo Digital Event were the segments featuring the strangely familiar puppet recreations of the Japanese company's most famous figures.

Shortly after the presentation, it was revealed the Jim Henson Company – the team behind The Muppets – was responsible for the larger than life recreations of Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata and Reggie that eventually transformed into Fox, Peppy and Falco from the Star Fox series.

A few weeks on, and the Nintendo of America YouTube account has now shared Mr Miyamoto and Mr Tekuza’s visit to the Jim Henson Studios in the US where the famous puppets for the Nintendo’s E3 2015 Digital Event were created.

In the 6 minute video, Miyamoto tours the studio alongside fellow Nintendo employees and sits down to have a chat with son of the legendary puppeteer, Jim Henson. Miyamoto notes how he has always been an admirer of the studio's creations and wanted to be a puppeteer when he was younger. He also recalls how he won a Jim Henson award in 2008 for inspiring children to dream with his collective video game creations and contributions. Throughout the clip, there are many other references thrown in such as a nod to Charlie Chaplin and a Kermit the Frog cameo.

View the full video below and let us know in the comments if you would like to see the Nintendo puppets make a return in the future.