HYPER JAPAN is one of the more diverse expo events to arrive in London every year. Rather than being focused on one particular hobby, it covers multiple aspects of Japanese culture - previous years have featured areas and exhibits dedicated to clothing, toys, art, food and - yes - video games. While many game companies skip the event, Nintendo UK has been a consistent and strong backer.

The big N will be in attendance again this year, and will be bringing a range of brand new and established games to its booth, including some that have only recently been announced and playable at E3. The following titles will all be there for the public to play, while more will also be available at the booth.

In addition there'll be an area of the booth for the Official Nintendo UK Store, and the press release outlines activities related to some of the games on show.

Activities on offer include the Super Mario Maker Quickfire challenge, which will allow selected guests to take to the stage and try their hand at the exciting level challenges from Super Mario Maker! For Splatoon fans, Nintendo will provide the opportunity to become immersed in the Inklings' colourful Turf Wars, whilst a 'How to Hunt' masterclass for Capcom®'s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS will be showcased on the big screen.

Additionally, the Super Smash Bros. Cosplay Competition will see Super Smash Bros. players dressing up as chosen characters in a bid to be awarded Best Costume. Nintendo will also hold amiibo team-up tournaments throughout the show that will see players fighting for glory against other trained, level 50 amiibo players and amiibo teams.

HYPER JAPAN is at the O2 in London from 10th July to 12th July - are any of you planning to go?