The 3DS eShop, with its dual screen setup and multiple control options, is a natural home for affordable puzzle games. While they can vary in quality — not to mention repeat themselves in the act of matching three objects — it's not a platform short of games to keep our brains busy.

While it may be a competitive field there's a fresh rival arriving next week, Sumico — it's a Ludomotion game being published by Engine Software. It's all about using numbered tiles to make sums, with an endless mode and a 72-level campaign on offer; it's previously been released on iOS and Android, and you can see its 3DS launch trailer below.

The press release confirms a European release date of 18th December, priced €2.99 / £2.69; the publisher's advised us that it's targeting North America for some time in January.

Is this budget puzzler tempting you? Let us know.