Wind Waker HD

YouTube channel A+Start has posted the latest in its Son Of A Glitch series, and this time it's covering the Wii U's HD version of GameCube Zelda game The Wind Waker, in the first of a two-part episode. The amount of glitches witnessed is quite overwhelming for a modern remake, and so the sequel to this episode (covering the original version) should be something special.

This introduces a pretty nifty mechanical glitch called a 'roll clip', allowing players to enter restricted areas early, or areas they shouldn't encounter at all. As you'll see, this leads to beneficial as well as pointless — or even detrimental — outcomes, so choose where you want to implement this mechanic wisely! As per usual, we're also shown how to skip large portions of dungeons and areas by cheating our way through rooms, avoiding what some would describe as "tiresome" and "laborious" puzzles and battles. The final glitch is truly a special one, but ensure you have a spare backup file before attempting to perform it!

The thought of players having the time, patience, and ability to discover these precise tricks can leave many in wonder and awe, and this video simply continues the tradition. So grab a beverage and watch how this pro exploits Toon Link's first adventure (not chronologically of course, you Timeline fanatics).