There is a small but dedicated group of gamers in the Nintendo Life community that particularly enjoys Bird Mania 3D and its superior seasonal sequel Bird Mania Christmas. They're simple, budget priced endless runners — or fliers, to be more accurate — where the only task is to navigate the treacherous route and set a new high score. It can be downright compulsive, naturally.

Fans of those games may hope for a localisation of Skypeace, in that case, which is being brought to the Japanese eShop by Sonic Powered. This one doesn't seem to be endless — having ten distinct stages, instead — but does have similar mechanics of flying and collecting coins; your character is on a rocket-propelled surfboard, too.

Sonic Powered has stepped into the Western market recently, if you want encouragement, with the bizarrely-named I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero Hawaii, so there is certainly hope.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.