With another E3 coming to an end, we've once again seen Nintendo produce some quirky moments. It must be one of the few multi-billion dollar corporations with executives willing to pose in somewhat bizarre setups, either in front of the obligatory over-sized props or, on occasion, playing a bit of dress up. With that in mind we've decided to collect a few examples, beyond the now traditional arrival in a big car.

Iwata doesn't look too pleased...

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata normally finds a genuine smile, but we wonder whether the cat ears and paws were a step too far for the head honcho after a long day dealing with interviews and investors. Super Mario 3D World producer, Yoshiaki Koizumi, is looking slightly happier with his yellow paws. In truth Mario's outfit is a lot better, and we doubt those paws will enable Nintendo's powerful figures to scamper up flagpoles...

Monkeying around

The eagle-eyed among you will have already spotted this picture on Nintendo Life, but it's absolutely one of our favourites from the show. Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime are being silly enough, but the wonderful Shigeru Miyamoto, with delicious subtlety, transforms a fun picture into a brilliant one with his antics in the background. Possibly the best image to come out of E3 this year.

The Deadly Villager

The unveiling of The Villager from the Animal Crossing franchise in Super Smash Bros. came as a surprise. But it seems the internet has decided that the character's impassive, unchanging face — along with the glint in his eye — is likely to be a sociopathic homicidal maniac. He may not look dangerous, but as the montage of memes below shows, some think he is.

Village Collage

Six wonderful seconds of video

During a longer video with Nintendo of America's Bill Trinen, Shigeru Miyamoto decided that he would imitate a Bulborb. Classic footage was born.

So those are some of out favourite wacky Nintendo moments from this E3, and by all means share yours below.