Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda are arguably Nintendo's most prominent and famous franchises. With a shared history spanning 25 years and a lot of games, fans have been treated to some glorious music, whether it's been chip-tune or orchestral.

Now, thanks to Alfred Music Publishing, musical gamers have the opportunity to play through some of these famous compositions themselves. Four officially licensed songbooks have been released and are available in North America and Europe: Super Mario Series for Guitar, Super Mario Series for Piano, Super Mario Series for Easy Piano and The Legend of Zelda Series for Piano. Each book contains themes and arrangements from throughout both franchises' histories, and are available directly from the publishers, major online retailers such as Amazon or via the Apple iBooks store.

Below is a trailer for the Super Mario songbooks that is strangely lacking any good samples of the music: it does give a look at the music sheets, if nothing else. Are any of you tempted by these songbooks?