They'll eat your heart and then they'll eat your brain

It's not unusual for a WiiWare game to be eternally delayed, and Spanish developer Akaoni Studio's Zombie Panic in Wonderland has fallen into that trap. Once set for a worldwide December 2009 release, it then slipped into March 2010, but here we are in April and most of us still don't have our hands on it. It looks like that's about to change soon, though.

According to Revogamers, Zombie Panic is set to shamble all over Europe this Friday, April 9, for a reported 1000 points.

Zombie Panic features a host of characters pulled from fairy tales and mythology doing battle with the "amorous" undead in what looks like a Sin and Punishment-inspired shooter.

We caught up with the developers a little while ago, who revealed that the extra time in the oven has allowed them to implement new characters and content, so the wait wasn't for naught it seems.

There's so far no word on a North American release date, but with the game already out in Japan and now soon Europe we can only guess it isn't too far away.