It's been almost two years since AQ Interactive laid down the beats on the Nintendo DS in the form of Korg DS-10; a music sequencer based on Korg's MS-10 synthesiser. While the bar was set admirably high, the developers came back with Korg DS-10 Plus earlier this year, giving DSi users double the amount of tracks to play with. With AQ Interactive being the main provider of a music application on Nintendo's handheld, Cinemax is getting ready to show us what's in their proverbial record collection.

Since Czech developers Cinemax announced that Rytmik was in development back in January, the walls seemed to have stopped rumbling somewhat. Not anymore. The company recently unveiled their new Rytmik Web site with an improved look and site navigation. What's more impressive is the built-in music player which holds 16 different compositions, ranging from breakbeat to synth-rock, trip-hop, house, drum & bass, hip-hop, dubstep, and trance – all created using the software. From the sound of things, this little download application seems to be perfectly capable of delivering a very respectable range of frequencies; some fine examples are "Urban Tribe," "Trip To Lhasa," and "Breathe."

Judging from game specifications, screenshots of the user interface, and the sound quality of the application's output, this seems like a very dedicated piece of software that looks like it might be able to satisfy producer-minded DSi users, as well as gamers looking for a bit of fun. Early impressions suggest that Rytmik might be a worthy alternative to Korg DS-10/Plus, and the lower price-tag should entice those who are unsure.

This "pocket music station" is currently scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2010 in Europe, with North American and Japanese dates still to be confirmed. There's no word yet on pricing, but in the mean time, check out the new teaser trailer below.